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 Заглавие: Many people are now pking with fury-s and dfs-s
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25 Яну 2022, 07:40
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Whips are falling as are furys, and they are OSRS GP crashing along with the dfs. There are a handful of things I've noticed over the past few days. Other things seem to be going down at a faster speed than usual. The bgs has been going through a flurry of crashes as well. Is it just me, or is there some reason for the expensive armors and weapons to be going down? Even sharks are falling fairly quickly, so I do not believe it's just for permanent objects. Which do you believe?

Why prices fluctuate, for example, when they crash. Many people are now pking with fury-s and dfs-s, they are loot, and then people sell them, when there are more items available than the demand for them, prices drops. There are a few items that drop Check out the clue scroll rewards the majority of them were significantly higher than before. Some dropped, eg. Rune God armors.

The price of expensive items starts to plummet because players sell them in order to buy pking armors. This occurred after the New Old Wildy was released. BGS declined a lot, due to, I think you should understand the reason. (Weak specs that utilize all energy of the spec in case you didn't know) These fishies its not just an F2P update like Charizard has said. P2P have them too that cause the price of fish to drop. There are P2P bots.

Expensive armour is crashing because cheap OSRS gold they don't get destroyed when you die in PvP anymore. If someone is PKing full Bandos or anything, they'll be selling it , as they don't really need it. In the past Bounty Hunter system the armour would have been destroyed , and then replaced with an insignificant amount of cash. However, with Wildy PKing though, high-end armour doesn't get destroyed, they just get transferred to the PKer who took the victory.

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